1985 – 1986: Handel og Kontor – Bjertnes Videregående Skole.
1989 – 1991: Norsk Lydskole – Sound engineer education


1987 – 1991: Freelance work for Radio City/Radio Oslo
1988 – 1990: 7-Eleven
1991 – 1992: Radio Extra, Nittedal – Owner/Editor
1993 – 1996: Radio NERO, Nedre Romerike – Technical director/CTO
1996 – 1997: Webmaster AS – board member/owner/web designer
1997 – 1998: EuroCall Norge AS – Web developer
1998 – 2000: ICL Norge – Consultant
2000 – 2001: Netron AS – Technical director/CTO
2001 – 2013: – owner, Freelance work
2003 – 2013: Trygg og Sikker AS – Founder, owner, board member, IT/Sales (Sold in 2013)
2006 – Current: BSP AS – Founder/owner and board member
2011 – Current: Senson AS – Owner, CEO, Consultant


Radio NERO

– Computerisation of the radio station with the DALET radio automation system.
– Responsible for the net presence of Radio NERO, making Radio NERO one of the first Norwegian radio stations to get on the net.
– Project management and implementation of a new studio complex, total project costs: 1 Million NOK.


– Responsible for project management of one of the first eCommerce sites built in Norway – Webmaster did design and GUI implementation for the project.

EuroCall Norge

– Webmaster and responsible for development of EuroCalls online yellow pages.

ICL Norge

NSB Gods Norwegian Railroads. NSBs freight division, responsible for the GUI of their freight tracking system.

UD. Norwegian foreign ministry, responsible for development and design of the UD intranet, and design and development of the State Visit (Bill Clinton) and Rabin meeting website.

Nordic Embassies in Berlin: Design and implementation of information kiosk solution for the nordic embassies.

Folkehelseinstituttet: Norwegian Institute of Public Health, responsible for development and implementation of the institutes web site together with the Transit web-publishing/conversion system, as well as technical consultant on integration of internal systems into the workflow of the institute.

DNB: Norwegian bank. Intranet project, implementing Transit Central into DNBs intranet system. Also participated as technical consultant for the DNB external website.

Netron AS

– P4 (Norway’s largest national commercial radio station)
– Telenor Nordicom
– Tansa Systems
– Eurosko / DNA
– Flashmagazine

Trygg og Sikker AS

– Co-founder and co-owner since 2002.

– Responsible for implementation of e-business solution, as well as internal IT-related work.

– Responsible for marketing. Ranging from building internet sites, making promotional material, managing search engine marketing and search engine optimisation.

Independent Consultancy Work

Folkehelseinsituttet: Implementation of eZ Publish content management system on Linux for the institutes intranet. Implementation of a calendar system for scheduling of meeting rooms, as well as development and implementation of a human-resource database.

Senson AS

WordPress consultancy and development. Search engine marketing and other web services
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